Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July? Already?

It's been a busy spring. I haven't had much time to blog (read or write), but i'm here. The 3 yr old's most recent funny ramblings was a few days ago, playing in the backyard hand-me-down pool. She said, "Mom? You have 2 choices: Breast milk or breast water." I asked her, "Where does the breast milk and water come from?" She replied, "The breast milk came from my nipples and the breast water came from a pig."

The baby has been amusing and cute as can be. One of my friends calls her Bambi-eyes. She's babbling more, blowing raspberries, rolling over, sitting up with ease and eating bananas.

We went to the cabin for the 1st time of the season and did a myriad of chores to open it up for the summer. I used to be ambivalent about the cabin as a tweenager (nothing like going to the cabin, hanging with the 'rents), but the older i get, the more i appreciate it. I love showing the kids cabin stuff: picking rocks, swimming, jumping off the boat, roasting marshmallows, etc, etc.