Friday, June 29, 2007

Burley Overboard

The hubs may be trying to tell the women in his life something...
He was riding home with our daughter when he turned the corner, the burley went off the side of the path and with the weight of his bag sloshing around in the back and the momentum, he rolled the burley. Luckily, he had just tightened the straps, and the kid continued to eat her rice cake while on her side. As a matter of fact, she asked for more rice cake as she was being turned upright. No cries, no whines, but the hubs felt guilty and utilized what we all do when we're feeling cream. After a visit to DQ, the whole event was forgotten and forgiven. Here's a close of up of the damage.

Potty Time (mommy post)

I appreciate the stories at mama nabi's place about potty training. Not so much training the child, rather, training the parent. Our toddler has been doing quite well and on her own for the most part. We transitioned her to "big kid undies," which was pretty huge. There will be a point that she will ask to toilet more than we ask her if she needs to toilet (or just throw her on the pot and see what comes out), but for now, we ride the fear of public "accidents."

The pooping part is something she's not too interested in doing on the toilet. She's pretty content with her pull up, thank you very much. It's a habit that doesn't seem to bother her at all. She even had a poopy accident in her big girl undies and was pretty content to continue playing and swinging and sliding at our friend's house (until i boosted her into the swing and got a finger full of poop). I try not to shame her or draw too much attention to it, but couldn't help think it's as good as my poop or any other adult's poop and was successful at quenched that gagging feeling.

Here's to hoping.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Say It In a Bumper Sticker

Thank you, She says, for the fab quotes. I think Northern Sun has 'published' most of these bumper sticker style...A few of them were new to me. A few favs:

"Stop using Jesus as an excuse for being a narrow-minded bigoted asshole!"

"Of course it hurts. You're being screwed by an elephant."

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Finally saw babel last night. Someone told me recently that it was the most important movie he had ever seen and everyone should see it for this very very important message. Of course, i had heard the praise for the movie, so my expectations were high. I was a little disappointed.

It was a nice looking film, and i admire the way it attempts to examine "terrorism" and how it explores cultures of other countries. I guess i was expected some sort of "come to jesus" moment at the end; A smooth twist in the end that would make me think for a long time. And i will admit brad pitt was a little distracting (angelina? Really?).

LissyJo's movie score: 7/10. What did you think?

Another disappointing movie recently viewed: Prairie Home Companion. I sort of felt obliged to see it being minnesotan and all....but it was like watching the radio show live, which i had the opportunity to do a few years ago. I enjoy (on some occasions) PHC on the radio, but it just didn't work for me on the big screen. Probably much like Legally Blonde, the musical: Enjoyable movie, (probably) bad theatre.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Adoption is the New Black

I saw angelina jolie on the daily show on tivo and have decided i don't really like her. She's too thin, that whole thing with billy bob, she's not that pretty and mostly the whole adoption thing. It annoys me that she is getting so much praise for her new movie about Pearle because i don't feel like she gives the story (and ms. pearle) respect because of who she is. It's like if tom cruise were to play martin luther king. She told jon stewart she wants 7-12 children. It's only a matter of time before she completes her color palate with a child from korea and i dread what sorts of reflections pop television personalities will say.


I worked last weekend, and i can feel my impatience growing. I was really hoping i'd be starting my new job as a nurse practitioner shortly, but i won't be able to start until we're facing a freakin' season change (end of aug?). At work, i feel impatient towards my co-workers and my patients, perhaps a rant for a more private blog (just kidding: I don't have a private underground blog.....Or do i? Mwoah ha ha. Seriously, i don't).

I should just thank my stars that i graduated and i have a job that pays well, etc, etc. I can cope. Really, i can. Hmpf.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Bday, Vegas, Etc.

My bday was last was a big one. To soften the blow, the hubby surprised me by organizing our daughter to stay with my brother and his family for the night while we skirted off to Red Wing with bikes in toe. We went on a lovely 40 mile ride on the cannon valley trail. I was sort of flattered the hubs thought i had the stamina to ride 40 miles while pregnant, and i tried to step up, but it definitely tired me out towards the end. I think my butt bones almost fell off (possible?), and just to make sure i knew i was a tuffy, the hubs hit my spokes with his pedal while passing water to his dehydrated pregnant wife and we both went tumbling off our bikes. Luckily, me into the grass and him into the pavement. Here's me at the half way mark. Note the fake smile.

We stayed at a beautiful B & B in red wing and as we explored the small town on the mississip, i fantasized what it would be like to live there. I sometimes feel a draw to live in a small town with a preserved historic downtown. I'd live in an older house (circa 1870, perhaps?) and serve on various community commitees and make friends with the quarky senior citizens and have a reserved table at the local cafe (the owner would be a good friend of mine). Perhaps i'm misdirected by the quaint tv shows i grew up on.

The next morning, the hubs had arranged for a massage in our room (by a masseuse, not by him). It was all very lovely.

On my actuall bday (monday), i abandoned my child with the hubs and headed to vegas with a girlfriend who also graduated with her masters degree. This was our "celebrate being done with higher education" trip. We stayed at the crappy tropicana. We had warning from a friend of a friend who recently stayed at the tropicana and, among other crappy finds, had dried blood in the bathtub. My friend and i, on the other hand, had high standards. We could tolerate the large hole in the carpet, the large holes in the chairs leaving the stuffing exposed, dirty grout in the bathroom tile, calcium deposits on the bath fixtures, but we would have requested a room change if there were any blood, which there was not.

The redeeming qualities of the hotel was the pool and the spa. We splurged for facials at the tropicana spa, and it was a nice surprise. It wasn't enough; I will not stay there again. Not ones for hard-core gambling, instead, there was lots of relaxing, eating and taking a break from studying for my certification exam and reading Jane and People magazine instead. We had a couple of star sightings (Dennis Hopper, the little guy from Dumb, Jack ass?) and lots of hoochi sightings. My friend had never been to vegas and her interpretation was, "It's as if america threw up." Even so, we had a fab time.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Silver Lining?

I just found out that it may be september before i can flex my nurse practitioner muscles. I'm really bummed about this. I had really envisioned starting work by july. Paper work, paper work--That's what is keeping me. So, i'm studying my butt off, waiting to take my exam and i will continue working at the hospital and i will be patient. I will be patient. I will be patient.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


The LissyJo clan headed to chicago last weekend. My daughter loved it. She loved the carosel (or is it a merry go round?), ferris wheel and the bean. She especially loved the children's museum which had a hugh flat screen of butterflies that would "land" on your shadow if you held still. A good time was had by all.

Asking to be Keyed

Bumper sticker seen the other day:

"Arms is liberty...It is what separates man and slave."

New Adventures

I attempted another blog at another blogging site, but got so frustrated with it, i came back. Unfortunately, my old blog name has been taken over by some strange advertising group that has decided to exploit my (old) audience and my (MINE) old posts, complete with pictures. Which is annoying. I learned my lesson.

I have just graduated from school and am a nurse practitioner awaiting certification. I haven't felt too much weight lifted off my shoulders as i attempt to memorize and comprehend everything i learned in the past 2.5 years for my certification exam. I have been offered a job, and will accept it. I can't wait to put in my notice with my old job as an RN. It's all so very exciting, it makes me a little nauseous.....or that could be the pregnancy hormones.

Hopefully blogging will help me keep my sanity as i begin this new chapter of life.