Friday, June 29, 2007

Burley Overboard

The hubs may be trying to tell the women in his life something...
He was riding home with our daughter when he turned the corner, the burley went off the side of the path and with the weight of his bag sloshing around in the back and the momentum, he rolled the burley. Luckily, he had just tightened the straps, and the kid continued to eat her rice cake while on her side. As a matter of fact, she asked for more rice cake as she was being turned upright. No cries, no whines, but the hubs felt guilty and utilized what we all do when we're feeling cream. After a visit to DQ, the whole event was forgotten and forgiven. Here's a close of up of the damage.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Rice cakes - I should get LN some! "Keeps you calm when the burley turns over!"

Aw, I love that she was so nonchalant - LN's a bit jumpy... so I suspect she'd have cried. Mmmm ice cream does wonders for forgiveness.