Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Finally saw babel last night. Someone told me recently that it was the most important movie he had ever seen and everyone should see it for this very very important message. Of course, i had heard the praise for the movie, so my expectations were high. I was a little disappointed.

It was a nice looking film, and i admire the way it attempts to examine "terrorism" and how it explores cultures of other countries. I guess i was expected some sort of "come to jesus" moment at the end; A smooth twist in the end that would make me think for a long time. And i will admit brad pitt was a little distracting (angelina? Really?).

LissyJo's movie score: 7/10. What did you think?

Another disappointing movie recently viewed: Prairie Home Companion. I sort of felt obliged to see it being minnesotan and all....but it was like watching the radio show live, which i had the opportunity to do a few years ago. I enjoy (on some occasions) PHC on the radio, but it just didn't work for me on the big screen. Probably much like Legally Blonde, the musical: Enjoyable movie, (probably) bad theatre.


Scooter said...

I wasn't fond of Babel either. It took Jen and I a while to watch it and I thought it was predictible in "plot" and message.

And Angelina is good looking. I know because this guy says so:

"Angelina Jolie does all sorts of work for the U.N. Do news sources preface articles about her work with refugees, "hot, articulate, brunette humanitarian"? No...they don't have to. Because she is hot, so you don't have to be told she's hot. That's how it works."

Puka said...

We watched Babel several weeks ago. I wasn't that impressed and wondered why the certain actors/actresses in it were nominated for an Oscar. I didn't find it exceptional in any way. I already know shit happens all over the world. :p

Anonymous said...

Babel just basically made me edgy and annoyed at all the characters. I can't say that I particularly enjoyed it or that it contained any cinematic feats of goodness. Meh.

PHC also left me scratching my head. And who decided to let Virginia Madsen, Lindsay Lohan & Maya Rudolph on there? They just didn't seem to fit into the PHC universe. Meh again.

Anonymous said...

I agree - I was soooo dying to watch Babel and then it was... ho-hum. Granted, it is better than a lot out there but it really didn't wow me as much as I had hoped. But then, neither did The Good Shepherd and I had such high expectations. On the other hand, Children of Men - I had no idea how good it would be so that was a big wow for me.