Friday, June 29, 2007

Potty Time (mommy post)

I appreciate the stories at mama nabi's place about potty training. Not so much training the child, rather, training the parent. Our toddler has been doing quite well and on her own for the most part. We transitioned her to "big kid undies," which was pretty huge. There will be a point that she will ask to toilet more than we ask her if she needs to toilet (or just throw her on the pot and see what comes out), but for now, we ride the fear of public "accidents."

The pooping part is something she's not too interested in doing on the toilet. She's pretty content with her pull up, thank you very much. It's a habit that doesn't seem to bother her at all. She even had a poopy accident in her big girl undies and was pretty content to continue playing and swinging and sliding at our friend's house (until i boosted her into the swing and got a finger full of poop). I try not to shame her or draw too much attention to it, but couldn't help think it's as good as my poop or any other adult's poop and was successful at quenched that gagging feeling.

Here's to hoping.

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Anonymous said...

finger in the poop... I recently had toes in the poop. Potty was too far away. I swear, I wish I could line the walls with potties. True dat - training the parents. We, yet again, are procrastinating - didn't get to Target this weekend to buy the promised undies. D'oh!