Monday, June 18, 2007

Adoption is the New Black

I saw angelina jolie on the daily show on tivo and have decided i don't really like her. She's too thin, that whole thing with billy bob, she's not that pretty and mostly the whole adoption thing. It annoys me that she is getting so much praise for her new movie about Pearle because i don't feel like she gives the story (and ms. pearle) respect because of who she is. It's like if tom cruise were to play martin luther king. She told jon stewart she wants 7-12 children. It's only a matter of time before she completes her color palate with a child from korea and i dread what sorts of reflections pop television personalities will say.


Anonymous said...

I'm placing my bet on another child from the African continent. She was recently quoted, talking about how Maddox and Pax (poor boys, they both sound like tampon brands) are essentially a set (OK, I'm paraphrasing) because they are Asian. Because as we all know, not only do all Asians look same, Cambodia and Vietnam apparently are one and the same, according to Ms. Jolie. Following that logic, Zahara needs her own buddy, which means that Angelina will probably be adopting a girl next from somewhere like Zimbabwe, naming the kid Z'Kenya, and then expecting the two girls to talk to each other in their native language of African or something. *sigh*

LissyJo said...

Gawd. You're right, ji-in. Although, she hasn't tapped into s. america or eastern europe yet.

Mrs. Chicken said...

Well, they've still got several openings left on their team. Maybe they'll take two from each continent and/or color, and build an ark.