Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fittest of them all....

I admit: I love group exercise...aerobics, spinning. I love the challenge of getting the steps. I love the loud dance music. I love sweating. A few years ago, i found a gym that really gave me a challenge. The aerobics and spinning there were really for the fittest of the fit. Going to this gym along with training for a marathon got me the fittest i have ever been. Even after having a baby, i was able to get strong enough to pick up some classes at the gym here and there. And now i've had two babies...and have been on my bike every other day...I thought i was ready to go back. So i did last week. And almost died.

I am used to being a strong athlete. I enjoy physical challenge and am used to being one of the strongest, quick to pick up the steps in an aerobics class. But when i went back to the gym last week, i felt lost, hot, weak and old. After 20 minutes of the too-loud music and huffing and puffing, i had to excuse myself because i thought i was going to faint. Seriously. Once i returned, i couldn't follow the complicated step work. I had to be that person...the one who just marches in place until they catch their breath and can follow allong. I used to secretly laugh at that person. And here i am.

And the day after (and day after that) was extremely painful. I used to enjoy feeling sore after a good work out. It was a satisfying feeling of being sore--feeling my muscles grow and stretch. But after going back to the gym last week, my muscles were stiff and angry.

I've gone back since then and hope it gets easier.


Mama Nabi said...

dude... didn't you just have a baby? (I'm still using LN as an excuse and that was 3 years ago! almost...)

I think you may be one of the most fit people I know... you're like up there with my sister, who's crazy fit and healthy.

Anonymous said...

Better get in shape to do RAGBRI! With your brother nod to nothing.