Wednesday, September 12, 2007

NPing My Pants Off

I am gradually getting used to the new job. It's extremely challenging, but fun. I have a constant feeling that i've done something wrong or that something that i diagnosed or prescribed will backfire...Sort of like that dream you keep having in school where you show up and you didn't prepare for the big exam. I'm guessing this feeling will come and go with the career. For now it's a constant and i often go to bed with thoughts of the patients i saw that day floating in my head.

I have found the transition of working 3 days a week and being a mom very smooth. Although i'm not working too much more that i did as a RN, i thought working during the work week (versus weekends) would be more difficult. With 2 1/2 year old toddler-hood in full swing, i find it much more frustrating on my days home with the toddler than the days i'm at work. Learning how to be an efficient NP and learning how to be an efficient mother works two very different parts of my brain and i have less patience with the latter. Then again, none of my patients have responded to a request with, "NO! ROAAR" and and an occasional smack--This being her current way of telling me she doesn't want to do something.

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Mama Nabi said...

(grrrr.... blogger keeps eating my comments...) RE: featherly purple dress-up, MIL keeps pushing princess-y stuff - LN so far isn't interested but... I know my time is coming.

She's so good at tri-cycling! Superfast - LN likes to be pushed still.

Sounds like you're rocking NPing, finding it challenging yet rewarding... YAY, go LissyJo, go!

We still have to figure a time to get together. With U of MN strike thing, I cannot take any time off except previously approved vacations... (Yeah, if they were to stop me from going to Korea... oh, boy. I'd have quit.)

How about when I get back...? I'm going to pick up some cute toddler things for Baby/Toddler/Child... A.