Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"...She'd be boring!"

My mother knows that my husband nor i would ever buy our daughter certain things. Fluffy purple dress up clothes, "play" high heels and earrings are among the list of these things. My mother also knows that my daughter is of an age that she understands that boxes with yellow duck stickers are for her and that we, as her parents are losing our abilities to filter gifts to her without a big toddler fit.

When i called my mother for an explanation, she said, "If your daughter only got stuff you and her father bought her, she'd be boring!"


PTW said...

Oh, my.

Anonymous said...

Thank you have a fun time!
grandma Ellen

Puka said...

LOL I think my family and the Mister's family would like to tell us the same thing, the boring part. We don't want A-chan to have princess clothing or the real girly girl stuff either. So far no one has went against our wishes.

Deby said...

I think she's so cute! Up until I saw Katherine all dolled up in fancy dress up, I was against it. But she loves it so I let her do it. I won't buy anything Disney Princess but generic dress up stuff is fine. It's good for their imagination! Come on! ;-)

LissyJo said...

When my hubby saw how excited she was when she tried on the gear, he muttered, "And so it begins."

I can't help be happy when i see her so satisfied with herself all dressed up.

**rolling eyes**