Friday, February 1, 2008

The Caucus Is Coming!

I'm sad that Edwards pulled out. According to mpr's website, he was my guy. I also really enjoyed listening to him speak. There is little difference between the remaining two candidates, as far as i can tell. And although race and gender are important things to me--it isn't as important as the media makes it out to be. It will be great to be alive for the first black president or the first woman president, but i believe i was raised to look beyond that. Race and gender definately contribute to character, but can i tell you how sick i am of being asked, "Is america ready for a black/woman president?"

I have a friend who suggests this difference of view is due to age: babyboomers versus gen x (or y). The baby boomers spent their young adult years fighting against gender and race disparities and i thank them for fighting for equal rights and respect the strides they made. I am sure it is amazing to see how things have changed in their lifetime in regards to equality. But what they fought for is for me to look beyond color and gender when voting for the next president. The babyboomer news analysts and experts need to stop stuffing it down my throat. Yes i noticed she's a woman, but what does she think about the war? Yes, he is indeed black, but how will he fix health care?

Some are getting sick of the ramp up to the next election with the prolonged process of earlier primaries/caucuses, but i have to admit i am excited about it all. I think it has caused people who otherwise wouldn't be tuned in pay attention. I had become exhausted with mindless people who care more about their trip to walmart than current events--but i think the media's slutting of the primaries has caused people to tune in and be involved.


Scooter said...

I was talking to my friend in the coffee line about this yesterday. Obama and Hilary seem more like McCain, like centrist old-school politicians, to me than they do like Edwards or Kucinich. Despite all the hype about first black president/first woman president and despite Obama's platform of change and all the other talk about change, I think the three leading candidates between the two parties are the three that most embody the status quo.

LissyJo said...

That's interesting...I had thought people would interpret obama as a breath of fresh air and mccain seems to be a bit different than the "typical" republican to me. It is hilary that emits traditional big boys in dc rein of power.

You caucusing?