Friday, January 25, 2008

More Observations

Occasionally, i catch glimpse of my life right now. I am consumed with being a mom right now. I do an ECFE class with the toddler, a mom and baby class with the newborn, we go to kid-friendly coffee shops and attend fun child-centered activities around the city (like the "childish films" at central library last weekend...we saw a movie about "the village of east germany" circa 1980).

Although this is the case right now, I am aware of the world around me. I am amused that jon stewart is able to carry his show without writers (still very funny...what does that say about the contributions the writers were giving?). I am researching what exactly it means to caucus and why some states have caucuses versus primary elections. I have become more exasperated by the actions of sports heroes--especially since the majority of role models for children, intended or not, are off the wagon or retarded.

And tonight i return to work--only a 4 hour shift. I have moved from being worried about what the baby will do with out me to what my husband will do with a crying baby to finally being excited about utilizing different parts of my brain and get back into work.


Puka said...

So how did your four hour shift go and did your DH survive? ^^

Scooter said...

How was the four hour shift? Are there birthday pics?

Sports "heroes" are not role models for children. Neither are entertainers (i.e. Hollywood). Role models for children are parents and the people parents (and associated adults) point out to children as exhibiting the behaviors they want to encourage. Some parents feel that being a big dick and earning as much money as possible is a positive behavior - they encourage their children to see those people as role models. It's indirectly what I was trying to get at on my blog when I show Tom Cruise compared to Brad Pitt - one is a role model, the other is a nut job. I understand the media wants to portray the best athletes as heroes despite their masturbatory flaws, but you can teach your children otherwise, and there are limits (look at Floyd Landis - not a ton of sympathy for him).