Friday, January 4, 2008


My toddler, like all toddlers, has no filter. The other day, she walked up to me and hugged my leg and then gave my thigh a few squeezes and said, "Squishy!" Ah-hem.

Then, later that day, she was eating dinner and she said, "Mom, you're short."

And then, the next day, she reminded me, "Mom, your leg is squishy."

She may be 3 feet tall, but she'll cut you down quicker than you can say, "What a cute little girl."

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Mama Nabi said...

Kinda like when LN announces to everyone that I have boobies... then goes around the room separating the boobies from the No-boobies. It's almost a Seuss experience. She does say that I have a nice big tummy. Perhaps I should teach her the word, "muffin top" huh? (I still think Toddler is a cute little girl even if she may point out my squishy body parts.)