Monday, January 7, 2008


The LissyJo family went to our favorite dim sum at JunBo on sunday. After nursing the baby, i put her in my sling for a walk to menards when she spit up her whole lunch. It actually made a little puddle between her and me inside the sling. It was a special moment.

Not sure where my mental filter was when i told one of my friends with a 7 month old that i really loved getting my nose in my baby's neck folds and inhaling deeply. The more randy her neck with old milk and dead skin cells, the better. She gave me the face you probably have right now and said, "Um. You're a real primal mom, aren't you."

I went to the bathroom and left the baby on the floor while the toddler was reading by herself. I heard the baby yelp out and as i finished up, i heard the toddler say, "It's ok, how's your hair?" As i walked in, the toddler jumped around attempting to hide a baby comb behind her back with an oh shit look on her face. The thought crossed my head that this is the beginning of a lifetime of oh shit looks and secrets between sisters.

I went to the first class of a mom and baby group today. I was the mother of the youngest baby there, and the only mother with an older child. I am ashamed to say it was a confidence builder. I watched the other moms struggle with getting their baby to breastfeed discretely (before i told them to not worry about it), or tentatively change a diaper or struggle with the 20 pound diaper bag they brought with them and voice concerns that they worried their baby wasn't getting enough as they leaked straight through their shirt. I felt like an expert as i breezed right in and confidently breastfed and burped my baby, and gave advice on baby slings. It made me realize that i have learned something about mothering babies and i do know it will get better even though i am just as sleep deprived as they are.


Deby said...

Katherine is really good at comforting Oliver after she does something horrible to him. It's like she thinks if she gives him a hug afterward, everything is ok. It's cute because they hug A LOT. However, I look into their eyes and see mischief everywhere. I can't wait until they're old enough to cause real trouble with each other...

Mama Nabi said...

:-) I'm still smiling about Toddler's guilty look. Hmmm, wonder what she was doing to Baby's hair.

I was lucky that LN didn't spit up at all - maybe 2 or 3 times. Even our ped was surprised... so I don't know much about baby neck smells but... can't imagine it's too pleasant...? :-) But then, I do love that baby smell, even with a bit of sour milk tinge.