Monday, January 7, 2008

Body Back

I have heard that after having your second child, women never get their body back. The strong, femanist side of me thinks, "That's ok. Women don't have to strive for the unattainable body shape seen in magazines. As long as you keep your body healthy, it doesn't matter what shape it takes." The 12 year old girl inside of me thinks, "I'm fat."

Yesterday, i went for a run. It was a beautiful day for it and i truly enjoy winter running. If anything, it was a nice way to get out without the children. When pregnant, i thought it would be good to ramp up my miles to run the twin cities 10 miler in october, 08. What a high and mighty goal to make....while pregnant. *sigh* We'll see.


Deby said...

I'm thinking about the Get in Gear 10K. 10 miles just seems to too far to go ;-)

Seeing as how I never really had my body in the first place, I'm not so concerned about getting it back. I've never quite understood that phrase.

Puka said...

I didn't think it was unrealistic to enter the local marathon in February after having B-chan in June. Ha! What drug was I on? I guess I was hoping that my body wouldn't repeat itself after A-chan's birth, which it did. So now I see myself really being back to my old form by the end of summer.

I don't think we can exactly have our old body back, but depending on one's genes and one's motivation, I think some people can come close.

Anonymous said...

that sounds awesome! looking forward to meeting up soon.