Monday, January 21, 2008

Family of Four

Things are getting easier as a family of four. The baby is 6 weeks and i'm hoping she read all the books that i did that said 6 weeks is the peak of fussiness. "Fussiness" is not descriptive enough. "Fussy" makes it sound like she's particular and maybe a little eccentric. Instead, she gets f*cking pissed. She screams her head off when she's mad and she's mad when she's not in a sling or being held by me. And even when she is being held by me, she'll sometimes just scream to remind me that i'm not the boss of her. Of course, when we are in the company of others, she is quiet and calm and sleeping (as some fellow bloggers saw at korean dinner last week....i'm telling you guys!). I'm probably being dramatic--I keep reminding myself that thank god she doesn't have colic and she's healthy and growing. But mothers of newborns have license to be dramatic. It's hormonal, i'm sure.

She has been smiling and growing growing growing. I have already packed away her 0-3 month clothes and slowly exchanging out all the 3-6 month clothes. We're on to 6-9 month, folks. Because it was summer time when my toddler was 6-9 months old, and her sizes matched perfectly for hand-me-downs from her cousin, for the first time ever, we're getting a little slim of clothes. Once upon a child, here i come.

I have been riding on the bicycle on a trainer in the porch almost every evening when my husband comes home. The first time i did this, i watched through the big picture window as my husband rounded the corner with the baby screaming in the baby bjorn and a bottle in hand with my toddler running circles around him. Since then, he has become more confident (and efficient) with both and i am starting to feel like i'm getting healthy again.

Although i'm not going back to my clinic for another 6 weeks, i am picking up urgent care shifts starting this friday. They are fairly easy shifts to pick up--only 4 hours and in the evenings or weekends. I am looking forward to getting my head back into work and am only a little anxious about it. I'm more anxious about what my husband will do when the baby finds out he has no breasts and he is

We are also planning our trip to australia next month. Because my breasts will be coming with us, i'm not too worried about the baby. I do wonder how the toddler will do. I'm comforted by the fact that she has done lots of travel and that my husband is good at "dealing" with her.

But enough about my breasts....


Anonymous said...

hi family of 4!

we are a family of three (husband, toddler son + me) and i just starting getting daughter envy! your girls look so cute! times are a tough but you look like a trooper. i can't believe that you can even blog... i can only manage to download pictures onto the computer and that's because my husband does that. when you have a moment, tell us more about MN life and the korean community.
jes from NYC

Anonymous said...

Once-upon-a-time I knew a quite little girl that came to us by the stork at the airport in Minneapolis. She attached herself to her older brother and cried and yelled whenever he was not around. This little girl only wanted to be held 24/7. She also would yell for her father and when he did not reply she would yell for her older brother. Seems like her mother and other brother were immume to her cries and moods. Maybe because her mother worked nights. This little bundle of joy was a darling in public. Once this darling daughter was put out of the car and had to walk to the house about 1/4 mile as she could not behave in the car. You could hear her all the way to the house, so you knew where she was. After spending time with the new granddaughter, she looks like and acts like her mother. Completely different from her older sister. It should be an interesting time for her parents!

Deby said...

Isn't it funny how siblings can be so totally different? Glad things are getting a little better for you guys. I'm sure the screaming is lovely :-)

Remember my travel motto: Lower than low expectations make a happy vacation. Expect nothing but unhappiness and you're bound to exceed that!

Mama Nabi said...

LN has a new game now in which her baby is taking a nap and we all have to be quiet... she then checks under the blanket, confirms that the baby is still sleeping so we can't wake her up. Incidentally, her baby's name is Beep. (was Mono just until she met Baby at dinner..)
Seems Baby made quite an impression, eh?

Puka said...

Glad to hear you're getting back into your groove. ^^ We flew to HI when B-chan was six weeks, and while A-chan was in her acting up stage. She was quite well behaved on the plane. I hope your toddler will be also.