Thursday, March 13, 2008

Calming Baby and Back to Work

Baby definately has calmed down right in time for our trip. She has made some other noises than crying, which is fun. She has been smiling--the first time documented above. And she actually slept for long periods of time on our trip! She did a 7 hour stretch in bathurst, which was almost unbelieveable. Generally, i was able to put her down to sleep around 7pm in australia, and she would sleep until around midnight. It was great!! I'm hoping after she's over jet lag(why does she have jet lag when she gets to take as many naps as she wants???), she'll do it some more.

She has survived her first few days in day care. Due to bad planning, we returned from oz on friday evening and i started back at work on monday. It's been going well. Her first day, i told the teacher she tends to be high needs and likes to be held and hasn't really fallen asleep without being nursed or held. I also left enough breastmilk to feed the whole center. During my one of 3 check in calls/emails during the day, the teacher told me she would describe the baby as "easy going." Surely they were describing the wrong baby.

Being back at work has been a good thing. I really enjoy what i do and it hasn't been as traumatic as i had expected.


Mama Nabi said...

Ummm, those cheeks... those cheeks. How can one resist kissing those cheeks? OMG. And I thought Toddler was FREAKING cute. (She still is but no more BABY chubby cheeks...)

Anonymous said...

Geez, woman. Too bad you have a shortage of ADORABLE offspring! I mean, really. Argh!

LissyJo said...

I can only agree with you. Our children *are* pretty darn cute. hehe