Thursday, October 16, 2008

Funny Things Said

After wiping the 3.75 yr old's butt after she took a dump, i told her, "Wash your hands really good." She says, "Why?" I replied, "Because there are germs in poop." She exclaimed, "And sometimes there are nuts too!"

Later that day, she was playing with her baby sister and the baby was taking her things. She said, "No, baby. Don't touch that, baby. Baby! BABY! CHEESES!" I looked at her and told her to calm down....and what does "cheeses" mean? She told me that's what you say when you get a little frustrated.


Scooter said...

And corn. And sometimes little rocks, depending on your child. Just tell her that's what they say in Wisconsin, and she doesn't want to be a dirty Packer, does she?

Deby said...

Oh cheeses.

Kids, they crack me up.

Mama Nabi said...

Sigh... this is funny since I was asked by LN to stop saying Jesus to her... Oops... didn't realize she heard that.

She says said...

OMG, that's funny.

When I was a teenager and said, "Jesus Christ!" in a less than positive, affirming way, my grandmother scolded me for... ya' know. So I told her that I had said, "Jeez, that bites."

I don't think she believed me.