Saturday, October 11, 2008


McCain has lead a finger pointing, blame-game, 'hate him' campaign for some time. He has encouraged his followers to be angy at the opponent for many months. In light of the widening gap in the polls, he has finally asked his mccainiacs to settle down a little. Recently, when mccaine or palin speaks of obama, people have yelled out "Terrorist," or "Liar!" or even the N word. How can mccain be surprised? Now he's asking these worked up mccain supporters to respect obama?

At a rally held here in MN, mccain interrupted a woman who called obama an arab. Mccain corrected the woman saying, "No ma'am. Obama is a decent family man." Um. Is this opposite of being an arab? How can being arab be equivilant to being a terrorist or liar? It frightens me that we have created this fear of cultural differences.

The sh*t throwing in the last few weeks of the campaign isn't pretty, and it certainly hasn't brought out the best in the candidates, but the bigger ugly is what it's brought out in americans.

We are way beyond asking for respect.

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Mama Nabi said...

and lakeville is not that faraway...

I read some of the comments in response on the trib. How is it that people don't realize how completely assbackwards it is, this day and age, to be prejudiced, to be racists. It's almost breathtaking, this ignorance. It should almost be a myth - that these kind of people exist... yet, they live around us. Muttering about how we can't trust a black arab terrorist... WTF? These people live among us.