Saturday, November 1, 2008

Joe the Plant

I am sick of joe the plumber. He is such a plant from the mccain campaign. Hasn't it been established that obama's tax plan wouldn't touch joe's taxes? But then, mccain runs his last few weeks of his campaign on joe's non-tax increase? Are we voting mccain/jo now? And then, what a shock, joe comes out a mccain supporter. It's like an argument with my 3 yr old daughter, something like: "I'm afraid you won't let me eat my treats after dinner." "You can eat a treat after dinner, here you go." "No, you won't let me." "But you just ate it." "MY MOM WON'T LET ME EAT CANDY.... AND SHE'S A SOCIALIST."



boringsahm said...

I'm not all up to date with the plumber but from the feeling on this side of the planet, we are all for Obama and wish him the best. Of course we are typical Aussies and whilst you have one of your nations most dramatic (i think it warrants that description) elections we will be drunk, eating BBQ chicken and screaming at horses during our Melbourne Cup

Goodluck Obama, I can't vote for you but I'm backing you all the way!

Scooter said...

Testing comment from Scooter.

LissyJo said...

Thanks for the comments.