Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Chaos

We survived another xmas. We have our traditions down now: Santa at Jackson Street Roundhouse, Macy's 8th floor, xmas cookies. Every year, i think about how to give to others less fortunate, and think of less emphasis on stuff and now that i have children, how can i teach them xmas isn't only about stuff (and less emphasis on the whole baby jesus thing too)....It's definately a trickly thin line.

Yes. I thought about these things for just one second--then my almost-4 yr old reminded me of all the things she wants for xmas. As you can see above, she wasn't too excited to actually tell santa what these things are.

The next picture is of me and the girls on xmas eve--getting ready for the present opening frenzie at my brother's house. You can see me in my work clothes because i worked the morning of xmas eve. Because people think that their VIRAL colds will all-of-the-sudden respond to antibiotics on this day, the 24th of december. I'm not sure why--perhaps something to do with baby jesus' special magical powers? Me: You cold is viral. Unfortunately antibiotics won't do anything for it. Them: But it's xmas tomorrow. Me: I know. Them: So, can i get a prescription for antibiotics?

And the girls made out like bandits. Amelie spent an afternoon with my parents and they asked her what she wanted for xmas. She told them a princess wand and ice skates--and my parents delivered. As her and i were walking home on xmas day from ice skating, amelie asked me, "Santa didn't listen." I asked her what she meant. She said, "Santa didn't bring me what i asked for. But grandma and grandpa did."

And below is a video of my brother playing a little post-fondu wii. Doesn't he look special?

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