Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blul in the Blog

I almost forgot i had a blog until 'anonymous' commented on an old post about Adoption Stories. She called me a jaded, shallow adoptee. I almost cried.

Kidding of course.

But it brings me to all the religion-related media i've consumed recently. I finished A Year of Living Bibically, by A.J. Jacobs. It was the funniest thing i've read since Sedaris. This agnostic manhatten journalist decides to read The Good Book and follow the rules for 1 yr. From the ridiculous (don't wear mixed fibers) to the admirable (don't lie). An interesting observation he makes is religion is based on faith. And sometimes you have to have a leap of faith even when you don't understand what the rituals (or bible rules) mean.

Last night, we watched Religulous. It was almost the unrelated book in movie style, except Maher is no doubt much more cynical and downright doubtful. His conclusion is the bible is a book written by men and edited poorly. Religion has been used to gain power, money, control and the original message (be good) is lost in the details.

I'd have to agree. Call me jaded.


Scooter said...

I found myself just wishing he would be quiet for a while in Religulous. I'm far more interested in watching people verbally hang themselves

LissyJo said...

Yes, the cuts of Maher in the car just to get his point of view was,a times, distracting.