Monday, May 25, 2009

Road Trip - Grand Canyon to Zion

We started the day with the continental breakfast at the hotel, where gma talked about the dirty swedes who made fun of her growing up. She gave a few strangers her address in MT in case they drop by, which seemed to be a daily occurance on the trip. We drove to zion nat'l park, which my gma wasn't familiar with, and i can only figure the reason she overlooked this beautiful park (my favorite nat'l park) in her approx 100-200th trip from/to AZ/MT was her fear of heights. On the drive through the park, she often looked over the edge and said, "I can't look!"
We stayed at a lovely cabin in springdale, UT just outside the park. The motel owner came out to say hello upon our arrival and gma made him guess her age, and guessed 20 years her junior, which 'ticked her pink,' as she'd say. My husband and i put the kids down and drank beer and watched the laptop outside with the the mountains of zion in the background. Lovely.

The next day, we found a doggy day care for gma's dog and spent the day in zion park. This may be my favorite nat'l park and we did get a few mini-hikes in while gma drank coffee and read the paper.

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