Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Activities

Spring has sprung here in mpls, and it is the season that i am most thankful for. I can almost feel the heaviness of winter lifting off my shoulders as the days get longer and the ground gets greener. Amelie has also been enjoying spring, as seen below. Here, she is wearing a dress sewn by my mother adjusting for amelie's particulars (NO buttons), the cross necklace of my gma, and the new ducky socks sent by ducky stickered package.

Spring also brings the May Day Parade, which has become a yearly tradition for our family. I appreciate the left-leaning political humor, and amelie enjoys the puppets. I think next year, she'll be old enough to participate. The parade always begins with the ceremonial tree of life, seen below. We did not see the float that could have been the touch of death.

This year, they had a clever swine flu section--One of the more impressive puppets below.

And here we are enjoying an icy pole watching the weird and wonderful parade before us.


Mama Nabi said...

Sigh... that's one activity to which I keep wanting to take LN and something else comes up, what with her birthday... Awwww... she looks so cute! (and when did she grow so much!!?!)

Scooter said...

Eryn and I got a flat tire, so we weren't there (we were considering skipping anyway - everyone there has swine flu). Aren't you worried about the lack of hand sanitizer between handling of all the various ice cream treats? That package may have been touched by the equivalent of 500-600 people.