Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ireland: Skibberin

We spent the day in Clonakilty, visited the train museum (see below) and wandered around town. Clonakilty is known for where Michael Collins came from, but in reality, i think he only lived there a couple of years. We saw the building he lived. For 2 yrs. With his sister, i believe.
Near Michael Collins' home for 2 or so years is this post office, that i'm assuming used to be a church.
On our drive to the next dairy farm B & B, we came across this stone circle in the middle of nowhere. It was very pretty--with an excellent view of the ocean.

We stopped in Skibbereen for lunch and amelie and ceri explored the Heritage Centre, which focused on the famine. One of the best nuggets of knowledge ceri learned was a typical irish family of 6 would eat 25 pounds of potatoes per day. Per day! It's no wonder the country just about starved to death.
We ended the day at our B&B. Below is the view from the B&B. The farm went right up to the ocean and it was really quite beautiful. Early the next morning, i went for a run around the farmyards when the cows came up to be milked. I thought i had the paddock to myself, but almost ran into a huge-ass bull. His head was bigger than me. It scared the crap out of me and i almost fell over in cow poop. Of course, he was harmlessly chewing and watching the funny asian-american running around in circles.
Here i am at the B&B after the girls went down, enjoying the best drink of the trip: Irish ale.

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