Monday, November 5, 2007

My Brother, the Asian-American

Ok, my brother is not asian-american, but he sends me email alerts to local events about being asian-american...including Walleye Kid: The musical and Asiamnesia, both by Mu performing arts. He also sent me a link to a youtube clip of Heidi Adelsman, a s. mpls korean adoptee (also a longfellow resident who is a mother...sound like anyone?) who wrote a piece in Oustiders Within. Ok, i didn't write a piece in Oustiders Within and i don't have an african american adopted brother, but she sounds like someone i'd really like to know.


Jae Ran said...

You'd love her, she's awesome. And an amazing activist too.

Scooter said...

I try to keep on top of things. If you want to go to a play, let me know - I could even be talked into buying two tickets and kidsitting as an early birthday present.

LissyJo said...

Sounds like she gets her voice heard. Thanks for the offer...It's your bday first, though!