Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Last night, i was awoken with the baby using my heart as a punching least, that's what it felt like. Or maybe it was using the inside part of my ribs as a xylophone. Nonetheless, it's decided to no longer grow outwards, but upwards. Maybe it will come out of my mouth. Science tells me my mouth isn't as stretchy as the primary route, but i'm always up for a challenge.


Anonymous said...

In the movies the beasts seem to come out of the mouth, chest or stomach.

Mama Nabi said...

Goodness, beasts that come out of the chest is usually pretty scary... (what, as supposed to the ones that come out of the mouth or stomach? :-))
Hm, I remember people would guess the gender by how high or low the baby sits. Of coure YOU know that's full
We really should figure out a way to get together before the baby comes (the usual way or the oral way, whichever...) so I can treat the prego mommy to one of her cravings! Let me know - I do have evenings and weekends open.