Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pregnant Thanksgiving Cold

I haven't had a cold this bad in a while and it's just a little bit cruel that it's happening at 38 weeks pregnant. I blame my petri dish daughter, although she never seems to fall as hard as the adults in her life. I was just starting my slippery slope downwards at thanksgiving, which was spent with friends at a table that continues to collect random people who don't have family in town (or who choose to not spend it with their crazy relatives....or crazy relatives of relatives). My 2.75 year old ate an entire turkey leg by herself, which is the size of all her limbs put together.

By friday, my cold was growing hourly, but i was able to keep it together to go to work, but by the time i was home, my voice was shot and my throat felt like it was molting from inside.

On saturday, The LissyJo clan bucked up and pulled it together to drove to the cabin via little falls to pick up my favorite recliner from my youth--actually a recliner of my mothers. Have you noticed that you can't really find a small rocking chair that is upolstered, rocks *and* reclines? OH, and is not a glider? Picky, i know, but after exhausting myself finding one just like what i grew up with, my parents consented to me borrowing The one i grew up with. Why little falls? To spice up the drive. My husband and i enjoy exploring little minnesotan towns that manage to conserve their historic downtown...which little falls has done.

By today i was sure to regain my voice, but my throat had other ideas. It decided to turn bright red and prove that there are worse things to complain about than being 38 weeks pregnant. My lovely husband did a late night drive to walgreens for ice cream and cough drops to shut me up, but quickly realized that even without a voice, i can still complain.


Deby said...

Sorry that you're sick! I have had some crazy sickness for over 3.5 weeks now. I'm thinking that it's finally on its way out. But man, it took forever to go away!

I wish I had the emotional strength to tell my family I wasn't spending a holiday with them and I could spend it with friends instead :-(

Scooter said...

LissyJo, does it require emotional strength for you to tell me you don't want to come to Thanksgiving? I hope not. I'm pretty sure I've offered almost every year, but never used emotional blackmail to get you to Thanksgiving. If anything, I understand you did your dues (for lack of a better phrase) going to the racist-comment Thanksgiving at my grandmother-in-law's house. You should do Thanksgiving with Danny Jo's relatives sometime though - it'd make every holiday elsewhere seem blissfully serene.

LissyJo said...

"...or crazy relatives of relatives." That includes your wife's family! I know, i know, they probably aren't that bad, especially on your turf. I appreciate the invites--but have not established a new thanksgiving tradition.

As far as danny jo's relatives? I don't think danny jo even spends holidays with danny jo's relatives.

Mama Nabi said...

38 weeks! OH MY. Any day now, isn't it?
... or do Thanksgiving with MY in-laws... ha, ha. Although, it'd be fun to finally have someone else who doesn't think FOX News is the most 'unbiased' news... I'd never put anyone I like throught that hell.
Aw, I hope you're feeling better?

Deby said...

don't you think it's about time you came to visit us at work? You could have had your pick of the rooms this weekend... And your favorite NA wasn't even working! I think you missed your opportunity.