Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New Adventures

I attempted another blog at another blogging site, but got so frustrated with it, i came back. Unfortunately, my old blog name has been taken over by some strange advertising group that has decided to exploit my (old) audience and my (MINE) old posts, complete with pictures. Which is annoying. I learned my lesson.

I have just graduated from school and am a nurse practitioner awaiting certification. I haven't felt too much weight lifted off my shoulders as i attempt to memorize and comprehend everything i learned in the past 2.5 years for my certification exam. I have been offered a job, and will accept it. I can't wait to put in my notice with my old job as an RN. It's all so very exciting, it makes me a little nauseous.....or that could be the pregnancy hormones.

Hopefully blogging will help me keep my sanity as i begin this new chapter of life.


Mama Nabi said...

1. Congratulations!
2. Um, "pregnancy hormones"...? Congratulations...?
3. Where the #$!@ have you been? Missed Ya.
4. I had to resort to going over to Nod to Nothing just to see if there was any news of you.
5. I won't stalk you as much this time... but seriously, play date...?

Mrs. Chicken said...

Dude, I was wondering when you'd re-surface.

Mrs. Chicken said...

Waaaaait a second!

OK, this has happened to me twice today. On blogs.

I guess congratulations are in order!?

LissyJo said...

Thanks, guys! It's good to be back. I attempted at that blogging place that would allow me to read all about ji in on the underground, but we didn't get along. *sigh*

I've been around...occasionally reading about my favorite bloggers, but the end of school consumed the majority of my time. I'm happy to be back!

I never thought you stalked me, MN. I would *love* to have a play date. Shall i call you or you call me?

Anonymous said...

Oh I did some stalking... stealth mode. Actually, your e-mail link from the profile didn't work so I tried some detective work which didn't come to much... Apparently, I'm not good at stalking. So dude... you gotta e-mail me or something.