Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mommy Guilt

For two weeks, i am experiencing single motherhood as my hubs is traveling for work; my first few days have not been much fun. The toddler has not only decided to not poop, she's come down with what i call the "daycare dribbles" complete with fever and irritability. Because i also carry new-nurse-practitioner-guilt and am not exactly sure what happens if i call in sick, i filled my daughter up with ibuprofen (please stay afebrile for the day) and did the daycare drop-n'-run for two days. She was irritable and crabby and i felt awful. On her second day in a row at daycare being a trooper, i did what any guilty parent does....I took her for some ice cream. She seems to be over her illness, but now we're back at square one with the pooping issue. *sigh*

Mommy guilt is a strange one. I quickly oscillate between red-hot anger and frustration at her whining and neediness to a blubbering, teary guilty, empathetic mess. It is yet another reminder of why i chose to not do this alone and my hats-off to the single parents out there.

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