Sunday, October 21, 2007

Zoo Boo and Apple Orchard

When you are a single parent (boo hoo for me for 2 weeks outta my life), and you get no relief AND your toddler has decided to be exceptionally.....toddlery, it's all about finding distraction. I went to Zoo Boo at our favorite local zoo with some friends on opening day yesterday. This is the line we saw upon driving up to the zoo.

We decided to stay and i'm not exactly sure this was the best decision i made that day. My toddler was all dressed up and excited to trick-or-treat, and some things just aren't going to be as much fun for me as they are for my daughter. It was everything that irritates me at once: One billion people, a short-tempered toddler, having to wear pregnant pants, and both my daughter and i hungry and thirsty.

It was sort of strange and random with cut-outs of various children's stories and folktales with hundreds of volunteers dressed as animals (not many real animals on display) and a scattered variety of treats for the kiddies. Here is my daughter before leaving the house:

I vowed to sew her halloween costumes before she even came out of me, much like my mother did, but this year she insisted on being a mummy which required no sewing on my part. We might switch from real gauze to toilet paper the next time we do this so the idea is more apparent. Her head dressing didn't last much longer than the walk to the car, and i don't think people understood the costume. Here's another picture to prove she was having fun:
Needless to say, we're never doing that again.

Today, we had a much calmer experience going with other friends to Fischer's Croix Farm Orchard. We had a lovely time picking apples from the trees, feeding goats and rabbits and going on tractor rides.

Considering my daughters latest pooping issues, i was content to let her eat as many apples as she could. I believe she ate 5 bites out of ten apples, so that's gotta count for something.


PTW said...

Yep, Zoo madhouse.

Anonymous said...

I remember taking a very young daughter to see her mummy once at the musuem once!

LissyJo said...

uh-huh. You guys suck for not going (and being right).

Mama Nabi said...

If I had known, we could have done something together!

Deby said...

We did the zoo boo thing a few years ago and I felt exactly the same way. Where were the animals? Why was the whole thing such a waste of time? How can they actually be happy to take my money for such a pointless charade???