Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Thing About Fall

I was bemoaning the fact that fall appeared to come hard and strong and, seemingly, overnight. That was almost a month ago. Then, summer made one more attempt. It was lovely--it extended fall and made a beautiful backdrop to the changing colors and contrary to years past, fall lasted longer than 2 days in minnesota. But, i admit: I was wishing for cooler weather. I was trying to squeeze my large body into my summer dress one last time and didn't get much sleep without drenching the bed in sweat. Now fall has come and i forgot one minor detail: Pants for people 7.5 months pregnant suck. They slip down my butt, they push on my belly and they pull down my underwear. It's much easier to wear a one-piece dress (as i did in summer). Gawd. I've got 2 more months of this...time to go moo-moo shopping!


She says said...

Would you be willing to post a belly shot to show your progress?

Deby said...

Yeah...what she said! ;-)

Puka said...

Ew, yeah maternity pants suck. With A-chan, I still wore my summer dresses and wore cardigan sweaters.