Sunday, December 23, 2007

Toddler Tells A Story

"...grandma and grandpa were here and i said, 'grandma and grandpa, i need to go potty,' and they ?? and go there and ?? is good and after that eryn go'ed and then i didn't fall in so now, now we wash our hands then then we, and i, and then..."

"And then what happened?"

"...and then grandma said ????? and eat drink a little bit of coffee."

"Is that what--"

"And then we go go ??? jump in the car and drive to my house and then and then i drove to eryn's house and then we go *burb* to arizona, arizona again."

"That is a really good story."


Deby said...

I especially liked the burp in the middle of the story :-)

Mama Nabi said...

My goodness... what was that about drinking coffee? And that burp... oh my, what a good healthy burp.

I do love me some Toddler tales...

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