Saturday, July 21, 2007

The "C" in "CNP" and Other Emotional Items

My certification exam is monday. Passing this exam is the requirement for prescriptive drug authority, my new job that starts in august, and the label, "CNP," certified nurse practitioner. I have had my nose in the book preparing and have moved from "absolutely mortified" to "ready." I had the realization today that this is the last time i'll have to do all day (and sometimes well into the night) studying....ever. The back to school section is up at target and i don't have to go back to school this fall: Wow. This is the end of spending a complete day at the coffee shop or library. I know my future job requires continual learning, but probably not all day on my free time when i'm not being paid.

My daughter is in the middle of a transtion as well; She is moving daycare to a place that is closer to our house (now that i'll have to actually drive to work vs. riding my bike) and has a mission that more closely matches our family values. She had her last day at her old daycare last week and she was quite content with the change, but i ended up in tears. My daughter always proves to be better with transitions and changes than i give her credit for. I get upset even thinking that she'll have difficulties or have a hard time adjusting or even be slightly uncomfortable. Of course, i know these challenges in life are good for toddlers--Perhaps it's first child syndrome.

Finally, i am half way through this pregnancy and the baby has begun to really move around. I find this extremely comforting. My husband felt it for the first time this morning and it clearly wasn't as ground-breaking and emotional as i have found it to be. He sort of nods his head and responds, "To be expected," while i'm moist with tears thinking, "I AM WITH CHILD!"

Perhaps after monday when the exam is finished, i'll come down a few notches on the ole emotional rollercoaster.


Anonymous said...

Glad I found you again. Was missing you in the blogosphere. :)

PTW said...

Kick ass tomorrow, eh.

Deby said...

Good luck! I hope you do as well on your test as we did at The MOST Amazing Race :-)

Anonymous said...

Hope you aced it!