Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In the news

Wow, i'm not sure if it's because my head isn't deep in a study hole anymore, but there seems to be a lot going on in the news lately that i wanted to comment on.

Parents deemed innocent for "spanking" their THIRTEEN year old kid with a stick. Are you kidding me? The kid pulled a knife on himself and threatened suicide in the middle of the beating which lead the response of....MORE BEATING! This is not ok. Several things have gone wrong in the parenting of this child before this. I think the beating with the stick is a huge canary that some intervention is needed. I do come from the camp that it's never ok to hit (spank, paddle, slap, etc.) your kids. There seems to be enough violence in our society. Don't get me wrong: I have already had moments where i feel like swating my child swiftly in the butt to "get her attention," and realize it's difficult sometimes. But when i feel like doing this, i realize the action would be somewhat out of my control and out of anger and that just isn't ok for the adult to do.

Yet another strike to the Tour de France. As you may have noticed in the sidebar, the LissyJo household has been watching the Tour daily. I was so disappointed and sad to hear about one of my favorite riders, alexandre vinokourov and his last minute blood transfusion (not ok). He was sort of the underdog because of his major fall early in the tour. Sixty stitches later, he was riding strong until he was caught and immediately dropped out. Now there's a new scandal--yet another positive drug screen for an unnamed rider. These atheletes are so amazing and the tour is a great way to spread the excitement of cycling, but i am afraid people associate druggies with cyclists and that makes me sad.

The taliban killed s. korean hostage. What the hell is going on in afganistan? Seems like a lot of violence and action is going on there with not much attention. Good thing we have a war on terror going on. Seems to be rather effective.

My brother and father make it through day three of RAGBRAI. Unfortunately i erased the picture my sister-in-law nabbed from their "live cam" of ragbrai that had a picture of my dad...maybe. It's difficult to tell, and it would be hugely surprising that she spotted my dad out of the 10,000 riders on this years race. Riding across iowa sounds hard. I'm proud of them for stepping up for the challenge.

That's all for now.


boringsahm said...

Well done on passing your tests! It is a shame about the drugs and the tour, although having the leader kicked out means an Aussie is in 2nd place, go Aussie go!

PTW said...

We have confirmation: that is your father in the photo. I"ll post it. If you magnify, you can see it's him.

On your first story: they "paddled" this kid 36 times with a stick or a paddle...not sure which, as I can't stand to go looking for the story. I heard a bit about it on MPR. Fucking looser assholes. 36 times. Like 1 is okay...but, 36 times?! "Your Honor, he just wouldn't listen!" Uh-huh. Might that have something to do with inept parenting up to this point (as evidence by the inept parenting exhibited at thispoint>)? And, might it have anything to do with how these two live their lives? Let's have some more detail about these parents. I'm nearly certain there's other cretinous behavior there soemwhere.

PTW said...
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PTW said...

That would be "loser assholes," not "looser assholes" (ewww). Good thing I only type - rather than parent - poorly.

LissyJo said...

Ew is right, ptw.

I don't think you really believe paddling your child once is "okay," do you? If you need to grab an instrument to hit your children, you are out of control. And you suck. And you are at a loss of parenting skills.

You aussie got second afterall, boringsahm! Hard to get excited about the end of the Tour this year, eh....