Wednesday, August 1, 2007


As i mentioned before, my brother and dad did ragbrai last week. My brother posted a day-by-day synopsis of his adventures and it has almost made me want to tackle this long distance bicycling challenge. I enjoy challenging my body. I came thisclose to running grandma's with a very good friend of mine, but my foot disagreed with this goal. I did a triathalon once and almost drowned. Perhaps bicycling is the next thing.

I tried to convince my daddy to do this ride again, but with me sometime, but i don't think he had as much "fun" as my brother did.

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Scooter said...

Don't let him fool you - he had a great time. He's pretty jazzed that he finished and he looked simultaneously pleased and sad when it was all done.

However, he and I think you and Mom need to go next year as Team Naughty Nurse (Practitioner). If Mom refuses to bike, she could still SAG. You'd find lots of people to ride with day to day, and she could leave your luggage where there was shade and provide grocceries and end of the day a/c.