Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Korean Adoption

Even though i have NPR on all day, i somehow missed the story about the recent IKAA gathering in Seoul (Thanks, JR). I would agree with my fellow blogger that the report misdirects the attention away from the fact that korea has a poor system of "relenquishment" of their children. It is far too simplistic (and sensational) to put attention to these crazy adoptees who are "against" international adoption. The media simply missed a step. We are against a society that allows for such a laxity in child welfare to lead to so many adoptions. Of course there is a cultural influence in these situations. Cultural stigma as a single mother, or intra-country adoption. But raising these points and spreading the word in korea where it's needed is how the change is going to start.


Anonymous said...

I do not know which orphanages the bloger you refer to visited. The one I visited was not how I would like any child, any nationality to be treated. It was not at all like a bording school. If one child can be saved from those living conditions adoption is worth every mental, physical and emotional moment. Yes, it was stated that a majority of the children were not available as they had a parent or ralative living who was not willing to let go. I did not get to visit where children were sent after they left the orphanage (stated by the staff) but it was to another institution. It had to be something scarry and unmanageable. It is hard to change a culture let alone a nation. It takes many generations and I do have faith that the adoptee's will have an impact on this transformation over time.

Anonymous said...

Ji In, it is not that Korea does not have money for a welfare system. It will take a change of culture. They say there are 200,000 + adoptee's. It will be up to these adoptee's to help change the thinking of Korean Mother's, Father's, Grand parents and Great grand parents. (even in the US we have cultural problems with adoptions.) If you read about China they have laws about you have to get a permit to have a child. It is they frown on you if have a girl which means that girls are abandoned so the parents can try again for a male. This is a cultural and polital delima. I usualy do not get into this dialog. But it gets directly to my whole being. I give my suport to all the adoptee's who are trying to change a cultural and political system. I did this through this blog, as I was not sure how to write to you direct. I am sure legg's will find this interesting.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...eager to meet up with you this week.