Monday, August 20, 2007

My Other Car is

As i drove to my very first day of work as a NP (that really didn't count, because it was all about computer orientation), i realized that i am now one of those who drive to work. A commuter. A gas-guzzler. An earth-waster. I am going to mourn my days as a bicycle commuter. It felt really really good to know that i wasn't contributing to our fossil fuel dilemma. It was nice to brag about how the LissyJo household was a one-car household where the car spent the majority of the time in the garage (my husband bicycle commutes).

I would be open to taking public transit, but my only option involves a bus, then light rail, then another bus, and a whopping 81 minute commute one way. Yes, for this inconvenience, i will choose my car.

I will take our fuel-efficient car for my commute, but i would like to try to think of other ways i can adjust my life to negate the damage done to our earth that i am doing by commuting. We already recycle, re-use plastic bags, and are frugal with gas (ie, heating or cooling our home) and electricity. I would like to think of something one step further. Any suggestions?


Yokota Fritz said...

80 minute commute, ouch. it's a difficult choice. I can totally relate on having a spouse with different work locations. Perhaps drive in part of the way and bike (or whatever) the rest of the way)? I used to do that.

Anonymous said...

Look at it in a positive way. You do not do this everyday. How was the first day? Did C and A run away from home this weekend to get away from the gitters.

boringsahm said...

We have a rain water tank to save on tap water for gardening and filling the pool. I also traded my power mower for a manual one, only saving a little fuel, but it's fuel all the same.

Just keep riding your bike whenever you can, to do small grocery shopping and outings. Every little bit counts.

Scooter said...

Is there a shower at the clinic? Because by bike you're, um....10.5 miles from work? I'm using the car route - but the bike route is almost the same - my friend Larry comes up from St. Paul to TW, and I think that's further. And that's 4 miles further than I bike to work, and you know how close I am. Seriously...30 minutes if you sprint it. It just seems further because you have to cross the rivers and so many highways.

LissyJo said...

Well, 80 minute commute by public transit. It's about a 25 minute commute with my car.

Boringsahm: You still get rain in australia these days? I thought you didn't get anymore. Ever. We just finished a "drought," and my hubby always laughs at how dramatic minnesotans get about their droughts because in one rainy weekend, it's over.

I thought i clocked it at 16 miles from my house to yours, and you're not that far from the clinic. I'm not sure if they have a shower. I will have to investigate that...for *next* year.

boringsahm said...

I live in the city suburbs so it always rains here but the Govt tell us we have no water! Depending on where you are in OZ at the moment you are either suffering from floods or have been in drought for years!

What about a little motor on your bike to make the trip easier?