Wednesday, August 1, 2007

From Expert to Novice

This evening will be my last shift as an OB RN at the bedside. I had my last weekend of working twelve hour shifts last weekend and my lovely fellow weekend staff had a party for day shift AND evening shift. It's all coming to an end and it's somewhat surreal.

I can't say that i'm too sad about this transition. I have had my eyes set on the goal of being a NP, i never really fully adjusted to the identity of being an OB nurse. Even though the acuity of patient care i give is somewhat low, i now see the benefit of having experience as a bedside nurse prior to becoming a NP...which is something i thought i'd never admit to. I was somewhat belligerent about having to be a RN for any amount of time before being admitted to the NP program. But i now see how much skill and experience i have learned at the bedside that i can take with me.

And so with this experience tucked under my belt, and my fingers crossed, i jump into the next phase of my career. Oh gawd. Holy sh*t. What have i done?

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