Sunday, August 12, 2007

Korean Restaurant Review

On a not so much a recommendation, but a shout-out of it's existence by a fellow blogger, the LissyJo clan headed to Kum Gang San korean restaurant housed in the ole Shilla digs last weekend. I was craving korean food partly because i have been thinking of so many of my blogging buddies at The Gathering in seoul last week. More on that later.

I know, i know. The best korean food in town, by far is King's, but it's a bit of a drive for us. I have enjoyed Shilla's for a very long time, and it's not too far away. My husband was never impressed by their environs...terrible lighting, random and strange room on the side, wood paneling, etc. But the food was always good.

The new restaurant doesn't quite reach expectations, but it filled a pregnancy craving for me. They are in the middle of redecorating and have painted the inside black, but still sustained the light blonde wooden furniture (circa 1988) and the 70s wall hanging that has a picture of a sparkling water fall when plugged in. Other ghosts of shilla haunted the menu and strangely, the servers didn't even try to hide the SHILLA embossed on their aprons. Surprisingly, it was fairly busy and the service had a difficult time keeping up. The anju servings were very small (call me american), but the main dishes were filling and flavorful. The prices went up; It appears they are trying to match a more sleek ambiance that hasn't been attained quite yet.

Overall? I give it a 7/10 stars on LissyJo's restaurant review.


PTW said...

Yes, yes, but was there a cockroach on the wall next to your food?

Jae Ran said...

Hey, Lissy Jo, you should let me take you to Korea Cafe, even closer, by the U of MN. Prices are much more reasonable and the food is good - I agree that KGS is spendy.

Anonymous said...

How about I take you to the Korea Cafe in Tucson.

Scooter said...

Funny...I have a post on my blog that actually relates the new name to ptw's bug experience.

LissyJo said...

Strange that your post about this restaurant was sept 2006! That means i hadn't eaten there since before that...which is hard to believe.

Dude...If you can't handle the occasional cockroach on the wall of a restaurant that serves damn good food, i just don't know what's wrong with you. But, i give you credit. Yes, there was a cockroach on the wall.

I would love to hit the korea cafe with you sometime! I'll give you a chance to let your jet lag wear off and it's a date.

PTW said...

If you go to the post at the link in Scooter's comment, you'll see me exposing him for the fraudliarposer he is.

(Was that too over the top?)