Thursday, July 12, 2007

This, That, the Other

1. Just came home from the ultrasound and good news: No 3rd arms or legs!! Everything looked great and the child moved around like a spastic seizing monkey and we managed to not buckle to the temptation of finding out the sex. Another interesting dodad is that my placenta is indeed positioned anteriorly, which explains why i haven't felt the movement like i did with my previous (placenta placed posteriorly).

2. I scheduled my big BIG test to give me the "certified" in "certified nurse practitioner." It's for monday the 23rd and i'm scared sh*tless. I'm hitting the books hard and hope i pass. I'm not terribly good at these standardized tests, and i am not feeling very confident. But the time has come, and i need to be a big girl and do it.

3. Mama Nabi's post of her little girl's hair cut made me want to flaunt my own daughter's disaster atop her head. When i was a kid, my hair was so stick straight, i didn't bother to brush my hair. It fell limp and straight and without a tangle. I'd imagine it did cause challenging bang cutting by my mother. This hair my child has sprouted is difficult to manage. It's curly in some parts, straight in others. It doesn't calm down after brushing. Her receding hairline is growing in, but makes it difficult to find where her bangs end. It looks semi-decent if she lets me "put it up," but my fashion-conscious toddler is getting much more picky about having this done. Alas: The Mop:


Puka said...

I always thought it would be great to leave the sex a surprise until the end, but the Mister wouldn't do it. He had to know ASAP. Glad to hear everything looks good with baby.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your two-armed, bipedal child! And good luck on the test. I'm sure you will pass with flying colors. Or at least with ... colors, if not necessarily flying. Whatever that means.

I always had the classic straight hair, too, so the whole idea of bearing offspring with any other kind of hair fascinates me. So I guess straight hair isn't a dominant gene... Hmm.

Jae Ran said...

I commented on Mama Nabi's too, about the hair. I was shocked to see Goose's hair grow to be just like your daughters and Little Nabi - fine and curly. My son was bald too, and he had the same hair!! I'll have to scan a photo of Goose so we can compare!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, 2 and 2! Good luck on the test!!! I have confidence in you!

It's so funny - LN also had mostly straight hair (what hair she did have) then as it grew longer, curls appeared. Her bangs are mostly straight, fine, and a bit wavy. Totally not uniform at all - patches of straight and patches of curly and patches of wavy. Sigh. My mom tells me I had some wavy/curly locks when I was little - during pregnancy and early nursing days, I did have ONE lock of curly hair in the back. WEIRD.
I think Baby would look fabulous with bangs! They'd look so cute together on their playdate.

LissyJo said...

So, is the hair going to straighten out as they age? I'd love to see your kids, jae ran and i'd love to see the lone curl, MN.

Speaking of pics, puka: Your blogger pic always cracks me up. Because i remember seeing your wedding pics and it just doesn't do you justice!

Puka said...

I was playing with Photo Booth one day (I'm a Mac person). I thought it would be fun to do the typical Korean and Japanese kind of picture pose and then distort it so no one could see the real me. My wedding pics are a testimony to what a little make up and hair can do for the average person. I think of them as shams, just like my Blogger pic. *sigh* But I do like to look at my wedding pics so I can see that it is possible for me to look decent. hehe