Tuesday, July 3, 2007


One morning, my toddler was sitting up in bed with me and was petting the cat. I explained to her that if she was really gentle, she could get the kitty to purr. She tried and tried, but our stubborn old cat wouldn't do it. She gave up and we started to read a book and i farted (*gasp*). The toddler sat bolt upright and smiled and exclaimed, "Gato PURRED!!!"


Anonymous said...

That's just too funny -

Puka said...

LOL That's good that she blames it on the cat. A-chan always blames the Mister for me. hehe

PTW said...


It was really freakin' awesome to put "Nurse Practitioner" as your occupation in this new blog, wasn't it?

Nice photo for your profile, BTW. I thought you should use a pic of the vent where you injured your leg. DO you have a photo of that from the old house?

I'm signing this way:

LissyJo said...

When she farts herself, she'll tell me, "My poopies are coming!" That's a result of a futile attempt to get her to actually poop on the potty....a skill she's not entirely thrilled to do yet.

It rocked to put "Nurse practitioner" in the occupation blank. If only i could start practicing as one!!