Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Our Dear Administration

I was surprised to hear bush's "commute" of libby's sentence. I truely thought he was going to let libby be the fall guy (although i think cheney's time is coming), and he'd let him hang to dry. This whole clusterf*ck is flaming evidence of our president's insane drive to go to war with iraq, and nobody seems to care much. After all this has come to air, people still believe in the war and support the war. It's the blind leading the blind...Or, the hitler-esque, angry dumb f*cks leading the walmart shopping, as-long-as-it-doesn't-effect-my-life, head-in-the ground voters.

I wonder if it is a generational thing. Isn't there a 'generation me?' I really do understand the group of people (my age) who graduate from college and expect to lead the same lives they had in high school, so ramp up their credit and spiral into debt and don't understand consequences to their financial actions. In the same vein, is this group of people not interested in current events? Corrupt presidents? People are much more interested in paris hilton's new post-prison look than what horrible things are happening in our government. Are the media following the demand of the people? I heard a story recently (can't remember where) of a news reporter who refused to top the evening's news with the aforementioned paris. "Here, here," i say, although i can't help that nagging feeling that paris is what the people want.


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Anonymous said...

People don't even seem that concerned about this - sure, it's on the news but I think they covered the 7/4 fireworks more than this. What the?